Jekatex auf der Messe: Ein voller Erfolg!

Jekatex at the trade fair: A complete success!

The most recent trade fair was a great success for Jekatex. With an impressive presentation of our current and new range, we were able to convince both existing and new customers. Our neck support pillows "Fluffy" and "Sleepyair" deserve special mention; they have proven to be top sellers and have been ordered in large quantities.

Our stand at the trade fair was very well attended and convinced many new customers. The quality and frequency in combination with "Paragon Sleep" brought many advantages.

Our camel hair blanket was very popular in the bedding segment . Specialist retailers and furniture retailers see great advantages in the possibility of "own branding". Incomparability, quality and product statements are in a great balance.

Other highlights were our natural hair pillows, such as virgin wool and camel hair pillows. We have observed that the "Sense of Nature" range is convincing in terms of price-performance. These pillows will then also complement the "specialist retail range" as stocked items. There are apparently few competitors who can offer this combination.

Our fiber program is already well established and is being expanded further. Exclusivity and premium quality are the key words here. The service in the "own brand" concept for specialist retailers and furniture retailers has also convinced many customers.

We have also received very positive feedback for our specialist retailer topper range with 3 different foam variants. Here, too, we have focused on quality and delivery capability, as well as incomparability.

We are already looking forward to the upcoming June event and are convinced that this trade fair is an important event to inform our customers about our current and new range. Both dates, June and November, are strategically good and important for us.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from Jekatex, your trusted partner for high-quality bedding!

Responsible editor:
Jim Hansmann, Quendelbachstrasse 2, 35708 Haiger
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