Die Magie des Kamelhaars

The magic of camel hair

Camel hair is an incredibly beautiful and durable material. It is soft and supple, but still strong and durable. The hair is very smooth and keeps moisture away well. These properties make camel hair ideal for making blankets.

The special feature of camel hair

Camel hair is comparable to cashmere wool. It feels just as smooth on the skin. Camel hair is brownish-yellow in color. Camel hair is often used to make duvets because camels have to endure both cold nights and hot days due to the properties of their fur.

Camel hair is durable and robust. Camel hair fluff in particular keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter; ideal as a filling for duvets. It regulates moisture and is breathable. It offers natural thermal protection. Due to the breathability of camel hair, it regulates body temperature. It feels silky and soft.

Why you should sleep under a camel hair blanket

Camel hair blankets have very good moisture absorption and drainage properties. They are therefore particularly suitable for people who sweat a lot. Camel hair is also as soft as cashmere. Due to these optimal properties, camel hair can be used for spring, summer, autumn and winter blankets.

The Jekatex camel hair blanket

The Jekatex camel hair blanket is made of super-de-haired, soft camel hair fluff and is finished with a fine Mako satin and a Bramscher cotton cloth. With a filling weight of 600 g or 1000 g, it is available in the sizes 135x200 cm and 155x220 cm. Our blanket is washable up to 40°C.

The camel hair filling makes this blanket incredibly light, cuddly and gives it excellent thermal insulation as well as the ability to quickly transport moisture. Together with the fine cover material, this creates a pleasant and smooth sleeping experience.


A camel hair blanket is a good choice for people who are interested in sustainable products and at the same time value a high level of sleeping comfort. The duvets offer optimal heat regulation and are durable, making them an investment for many years. Try the Jekatex camel hair blanket and experience the difference!

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